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What to Wear in the Air - How to Stay Comfortable While Keeping Fashion Forward

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What do you wear when you hit the airport runway?

Do you know what it takes to make your flight fashion a success?

You’ve seen just about everything from your fellow passengers. From bedtime wear to fashion couture. But let’s be honest, we’re not kids anymore and hopping out of the plane with your sleepy time teddy and your favorite jammies should only be for the adolescents.

No, you’re a grown up and can handle big kid responsibilities, including appropriate travel attire.

The high fashion route is amazing to look at but if you are not a celebrity and your carry-ons don’t include personal assistants to help keep you cute, chances are you’ll be a wrinkled hot mess looking for your luggage and an exit to end your comfort misery.

So, what are we looking for when we want to depart and arrive looking fab?

We want to find that happy medium of style AND comfort. An outfit that says, “I have things to do, but I look good doing them.” We want to put together something that is simple, comfortable and makes a good first impression when you exit that terminal.

An effortless stylish ensemble that allows for functionality.

A key element in keeping within our outline of simple functional style is layering. Layering is oh-so important when preparing for your trip.

You’ll run into many temperature changes along the way with cabin changes and final destinations.

Sure, your favorite holey stained sweatshirt may have been your go to but you’re not a teen; you’re a thriving adult with style know how!

And let’s behave as such, shall we?

To remedy these climate variables, we suggest layering with these options. There are great options for these needs like this faux-leather trim wrap black sweater. This sophisticated sweater boasts the comfort of a wrap style sweater with the added touch of leather trim. The draped front will make any outfit appear more put together.

Long line sweaters are all the rage this season as they provide a convenient way to add effortless style. They give your otherwise simple attire a fashionable facelift.

This chic black Long Open Cardigan wraps you in style and comfort. The long lines and peek-a-boo side slits allow for the contrast color of the rest of your outfit to pop through and make a stunning yet subtle appearance, making this style a great option for keeping your airport style on point.

Both of these pieces are great to get cozy in as they can double as a blanket to make the best of your flight.

Pair either of these styles with a crisp, cozy tee and leggings or perhaps even a great pair of skinny jeans and you’re ready for the runway…airport runway, that is.

Definitely consider coordinating with a slip-on or zip up shoe or boot. That way you can get them off and on with ease whether going through security or getting comfortable during the flight.

The key to flying in style and comfort is simplicity.

Layer some great simple pieces.

Keep it stretchy.

And whatever you do, leave the jammies to the babies.


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